The art and science behind ShaperJet

We at ShaperJet, make desktop 3D Printing machines, which, we hope will help push the human race forward. For us ShaperJet isn't a job, It's a way of life and everyday is an exciting new challenge. We’re in relentless pursuit of quality. We don’t cut corners. We work hard to meet our own high standards. We are team of committed individuals. We work together and have a common focus to achieve our goals on every project.

Where we're based

We're based in DELHI, the National Capital Territory of INDIA and build these amazing 3D Printing machines for clients worldwide.

ShaperJet Location

What we do

We manufacture simple, beautiful and highly functional rapid prototyping machines and we are continuously improving them.

ShaperJet Illustration

Our Passion

We love what we do! It's our passion to help people, to take their ideas from inception and make them a reality with ShaperJet.

ShaperJet Passion

ShaperJet Environment

We thrive in creative & supportive environment

At ShaperJet, we thrive in a creative and supportive environment. We're a small team, that is there to help each other. We are really passionate about what we do and working in a space and environment that supports this is really important.