As we develop innovative new ways to bring about products that are revolutionary and would help change the world for good, we’re searching for people who believe in themselves to join us. People who are curious, passionate and excited to explore the ideas and technology, which will shape the future. If that sounds like you, discover how much we have to offer.

Live your dreams

Love Your Job

Come join the 3d printing revolution with us

At ShaperJet, we prize innovation in every aspect of our business. We are continuously in search of people from wide range of disciplines who want to get more out of their career.

Come work with us; add meaning to your work. Let your skills have impact and make a difference in the world.

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, we make it happen.

Come join us and help us, make it happen…

We often have positions available at ShaperJet and we are always looking for super talented people to help the company grow. Join us and you can grow too..

If you’re interested in working at ShaperJet, you can always send in your applications. Please send your resume and motivation letter to