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Whats in the Box

ShaperJet PLA Filament

A bio-degradable plastic derived from corn. It is safe for the environment. Compared to ABS, PLA demonstrates much less part warping and curling and for this reason doesn't need a heated bed.

ShaperJet 3D Printer PLA filament

Choose your Shade...

shaperjet pla filament- red
shaperjet pla filament-yellow
shaperjet pla filament-blue
shaperjet pla filament-black
shaperjet pla filament-green
shaperjet pla filament-white
shaperjet pla filament-natural
shaperjet pla filament-orange

Choose your color(s) and specify quantity. Cost for a spool of filament is 2000/- INR for any color. Weight of one spool is 1 kg.